About us

What is Eurtime?

Eurtime is the largest database of vacancies in Western Europe for people living in Eastern Europe.

Eurtime is the first service for the direct interaction between the candidate for the job and the employer. Professional team will assist you in finding the best job even without language proficiency.

How does it work?

Our system works flawless both for the job applicant and the companies. Our database is growing every day.

Sign up, leave your contact information, contact each other directly and arrange job interview. No mediators, no hidden fees.

With our service job seekers can easily put CV online. After registration in the system companies get access to the database of candidates with high level of motivation and enthusiasm from all over the world. Job offers posted on Eurtime will be available thousands of applicants immidiately.

Why us?

Many European companies are looking for employees outside the European Union. Candidates from Eastern Europe don’t have an access to those job offers due to many reasons. Therefore 90% give up and stay in their country without even a single chance to try themselves as a specialist abroad with a decent salary. We want to help those people to take the most terrifying first step.


We want to provide all people with jobs, regardless of language, cultural or visa barriers. We use our knowledge, experience and modern technologies for this purpose. Our mission is to help everyone who eager to bring positive change into their lives to make their life better.

Register now and find the best workers for you around the world.